First step

Well, I started by taking the first, obvious step. I registered for the Spartan Race – Sunday June 16, 10am wave. No turning back now!

I figure my first post should be about how I plan to post. In an ideal world, I would like to be able to post every day I train, or feel the need to mention something about my journey to the Race. I’ll do my best to follow this.

For the training posts, I’ll tell you what I did, and how much of it. That way, you’ll also be able to see if I improve… or not. I’ll add to it the supplements I take before, during and after training. As I mentioned, I’m no expert, and there are some out there that know more than I do – advice is always welcome.

This is my first blog, and I’m far from being Shakespeare when I write. I’ll try to put up some pictures as well. And who knows, one might actually be of me.

You’re still around? Good, time to break a sweat and set foot on the road to Sparta(n).


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