Paleo Breakfast

I recently started looking into the whole paleo diet thing. Everybody seems to agree that’s it’s awesome when training, but a lot of sources I’ve found/read from come out as a little bit preachy; especially when it comes to the “curative” side of it. It’s possible that it cures a boat load of stuff, and that cavemen didn’t have cancer. I wouldn’t know. I’m not sure about going completely paleo, as I like my cheese, wine and occasional sugar. 🙂  Turns out, tough, I’ve been doing a partial parleo since my wife is coeliac… makes it a little bit easier at home. I’m gradually adding more of the paleo tenets to follow in my daily life, so I’ll be able to see some results after a while – I hope.

In any case, I started snooping around for good recipes and stumble across paleOMG. There’s a vast amout of recipes which I will try! My wife did the chocolate balls, btw, they’re simply awesome. To quote one guy at the gym: “These things are so fucking awesome I’m fucking gonna make some at home tonight!” Yep, that good. But going back to breakfast, I’ve made one based on the mexican hash egg bake ( Instead of having the eggs on top, I whisked them in the dish before cooking in the oven… sorta like an omelet. That dish will fill you up for a few hours. I couldn’t believe it!

Now of to some light training… and hopefully do 2 HSPU…;)


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