Shoe WOD

Surprisingly enough, I wasn’t feeling too bad this weekend. I figured I’d be in a world of pain and self-hatred on Sunday after Friday’s Filthy Fifty, but no. Either I’m getting better at this or my pain receptors have simply given up. 🙂

After a weekend off and yesterday evening at school (so last night, only burpees and trying HSPU – 10 of the former, failure of the latter), I was ready to go back for a WOD today, or so I thought. Today was actually one of those days when I kinda didn’t feel like going. Whatever I ate at lunch was waging a small war with my stomach, and that wasn’t fun. But I went anyway… like I told one of the guys there, who was feeling the same, “every now and then, you get to feel like shit and not want to go. The feeling usually goes away once you’re there and you strat training. You just have to commit and go.” I know, I know, easier said than done. Still, I went (as the Mrs was going, too… not gonna let her have ALL the fun), and I’m pretty glad I did. The skill today was the Turkish Get-up, something I’d never done before. I’m pretty happy when I get to learn a new way of feeling pain training. To get used to the form, and not drop a weight on our head or pull a shoulder muscle, our trainer got us to do reps while keeping one of our shoes balanced on a fist, except for one girl who had to borrow a shoe, as she was wearing Vibram Five Fingers. At some point, I’ll look/blog into crossfit wear/shoes. Once you got a feel for the exercise, you get to play with the big boys’ toys. I started with a 20lbs dumbbell, but after a set, I switched to the actual “tool” used, the kettlebell (1 pood for the moment). A pood is about 35-36lbs. It gets hard on the shoulder and the wrist. After 3 sets of 6, we got to the WOD.

The WOD was 5- 3min rounds as many sets as possible of the following: power clean 135lb, 6 pushups (hand release if possible) and 9 squats, followed by 1 min rest between each round. I still can’t clean Rx, so I settled for 95lb, which is 10 more than last time I did power cleans. I ended up doing 13 sets in total. Pretty happy about it. Once in a while, you get a WOD that’s short and intensive; it gives you a nice break from the grueling, long WODs. Though I was drained at the end of it, I wasn’t as hurting as after some WODs, and I did enjoy the workout… so hurray!:)

I’ll try and make it to jiu tomorrow.. grappling night – it’s been a while and probably time I go back to get armbarred for a bit.


2 fish oil caps, 1 scoop (28g) Dymatize ISO100 whey powder in 350ml milk – after training



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