CF Total

Ok, first off, I sort of lied 2 days ago. For various reasons, I ended up not going to jiu yesterday. My bad, I know. 😦  Today, I did go to Crossfit, as we had another benchmark WOD.

Today’s WOD was the Crossfit Total, a “functional strength test” ( You warm up then get 3 tries  doing your max 1rep of back squat, shoulder press and deadlift, in that order. The idea is to get toyour max, then go heavier if you can.

I caught shit on my first squat rep, as I started to crumple and break form. With heavier weights, that can translate in a broken back and SERIOUS issues about simply walking afterwards.

Here’s my previous personal bests and the new PB (in lbs) from the WOD. I’ve been told we’ll be doing the CF Total again in 3 months and compare.

Squat: 95 / 205 – either I’ve significantly improved, or I was taking it way too easy.

Shoulder press: 65 / 115 – last time I did those, I’d done many other types of press first and was tired. Still, no excuse and I’m better now.

Deadlift: 255 / 275 – yeah, I did the skill a while back, and seems I can still go higher. This time, I had to bail on the two last tries, at 285. It didn’t want to go up, and I felt my form going/activating my lower back to lift. A big no-no, and I’ve mearned my lesson!

So, Crossfit Total is 595. Pretty pleased as my previous score would have been 415.

Now for a well deserved soak in the hottub:)


1 scoop (9g) Aminocore (BCAA) with 600ml water – right before and during training, 2 fish oil caps, 1 scoop (28g) Dymatize ISO100 whey powder in 350ml milk – after training


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