Jiu for the win

This mornig, jiu won the battle. I got up early and couldn’t get back to sleep, ‘Figured I’d go train, too. It was worth it.

Thsi morning one of our sensei was back after taking the summer off. Now, I like this guy – he pushes everybody in the warm up, regardless of the class. Usually warm ups consist of some running and breakfalls to loosen up the body before putting it in the grinder. You’re warm, and that pretty much it. HE thinks differently. We usually end up doing pushups, ab work, jumping jacks, etc. Simple exercices that gets the blood pumping and will also work on your resistance. Whether a kid or an adult class, someone is always groaning in… discomfort… when he does the warm up. I’m usually sweating buckets by the time his warm up is done. Love it.

Today’s class was more or less a continuation of yesterday – revision of techniques. There are a lot of students testing at the moment, so it’s a good thing to go over the techniques and work on small details. Unlike yesterday, though, with did the technique at high speed and intensity. The sensei yells a technique, and you go at it, then your partner, and so on until he yells another technique out or stops us to show small details to work on. No variation, no afterthrows, just technique and throw. After a while, my partner was starting to get low on gas, and I had to warn him his sthrows were getting sloppy (and dangerous for me). To his credit, he dug deep and went hard at it again.

Now I’m off to enjoy the weekend.:)

Supplements (thus far)

1 scoop (9g) Aminocore (BCAA) with 600ml water – right before and during training, 2 fish oil caps, 1 scoop (28g) Dymatize ISO100 whey powder in 350ml milk – after training


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