I knew it would happen at some point; you knew it too, right? I’ve been sidelined since my last WOD due to shoulder injury. It’s nothing bad in itself – pain in part of my left deltoid when I do certain movements. But it’s enough to make me pause for a few days, until it is healed. I’m all for working through the pain and so on, but past experience has also taught me that small injuries can lead to big and nasty ones. And considering how demanding crossfit is, I’d rather miss a few days rather than miss a few months.

I did go see my physio about this, as she’s more knowledgeable than I’ll ever be about muscles and aches. Seems it’s just knots. She worked on them for 25 agonizing minutes. I have to take it easy this WE, roll a tennins ball on the muscle to loosen them some more, then I should be fine. Good thing my dojo is closed for the long weekend… I might go for a run instead. 🙂

Enjoy the long weekend for those in Canada, enjoy the normal weekend for the others.


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