Sad Decision

I knew this was coming, and I tried to find a solution or a way to delay this – I’ve quit jiu jitsu.

Well, not really quit, more like put on hold for a few months. For quite a while now, due to my life and the training schedule not coinciding, it’s been hard to actually go train at the dojo (see my dilemma post). I had to do something about that. I was spending a lot of money every month and only going there 2-3 times. That makes for expensive lessons!

I decided yesterday, as the dojo was closed the entire 3-day weekend, to put an end to this until things get better. I told my sensei about the whole situation, and how I found it sucked for me to have to do this, and asked her to put my membership on hold until January, when my next semester starts. I’ll know when my classes will be and if I can go back to training with her. She was pretty comprehensive, I think, and told me she’d put the membership and payments on hold until I come back.

It fucking really sucks, and it saddens me to do this. I really want to go on training! I’m tired of having “pauses” get in the way of me getting my black belt. Granted, some are due to choices I made.

I could go to my old dojo (under the same banner), where I trained before moving, but it’s a good 30 min drive to get there. Doesn’t quite make sense. I’ll see how things will go later and wait until then. 😦

At least I can still train and run, so I won’t be out of shape when I return. Actually, I’ll try to be in an even better shape to better kick ass!


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