Kicking Ass (sorta)

Today was an awesome workout day! I can keep my running pace of about 4:55/km during warmup – coming back from the 800m warmup run WAY before the others… except therunning coach, who’s speed should be measured in Mach.

We started with deadlift as a skill. Yes, the much-hated deadlifts again. I actually think I made peace with them; switching the hate towards DU’s, as I can not even string two together now. Anyway, back to DL. On the gym’s Facebook page, one of the girls posted her new pewrsonal record (PR): 290lbs. As my last best was 275lbs, I decided to take this as a challenge and try to do more than her. We started with a set of 5, then 3 for a heavy warmup, then 2 at 90% of what we think is our personal best, then three sets of 1. I finished with 305lbs. 305! That’s simply insane! I was aiming to lift the girl’s PR, or go slightly above it (it’s still 15lbs more than the PR I had), with a wish to break the 300. Wish granted. 🙂  And my technique seemed to have improved, too. That or my body has learned the proper technique; it didn’t hurt my back much.

On to the WOD, with a small high about the PR. 7 rounds for time: 10 wall ball shots (20lbs) and 10 pullups. Yep, another one of those suspiciously easy workout. I finished it in 9:54 Rx, which is not too bad (did collapse on the floor, though). I did manage to string 10 kipping pullups in a row for 2 rounds. Then fatigue set in and by the 7th round, I was doing them in sets of 2 or 3. Still happy about the performance.

In crossfit, or any type of training, you should leave your ego at the door. Nonetheless, I always “keep” some around to push myself further.. call it friendly competition. Now I’m sure she’ll be trying her best to lift more than me next time. Good thing, too, as I’ll need another goal to reach.


3 fish oil caps, 1 scoop (28g) Dymatize ISO100 whey powder in 350ml milk – after training


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