Zen and Training

Back to the box after a crappy day at work. That’s the thing about training, regardless of type. I shut down all the voices in my head and only hear the one that says “push harder! Don’t care if you’re tired, gimme more”. It relaxes the mind, tires the body, and gives you peace/balance. Besides the obvious physical improvement aspect, that’s why I train, and try to push myself. I can refocus, recenter and sometimes be less angry at the world.

There is a wall at the gym that is painted black, and where all crossfitters are allowed/invited to write something on it with a silver pen, should they wish to. You’re asked to answer one simple question, written in 2 feet-high letters: WHY? You’ve got many who answer fun stuff about the zombie apocalypse, feeding the daemon, having OCD (obsessive crossfit disorder), etc. My answer was “Because limits are meant for others”. Every time I walk in there, I wish to do better, faster, heavier. I don’t care about beating others – I care about pushing back my limits, every single time. To do this, I need to be focused and shut out the outside world. It’s often very hard, but to go from a whirlwind of complex and competing thoughts to a single, simple one is probably one of the best thing there is.

With today’s warmup came an unexpected positive comment. My running coach, who obviously flies through the 800m run as if it were a short walk to the mailbox, noticed my speed improved, and that I was pushing myself into a faster pace. It’s always nice to hear, especially when the legs still hurt and you’ve barely managed to catch your breath. I know I won’t catch up to her, but I’ll try.

Today’s skill was the benchpress (8-8-6-4). I don’t really like it, as I’m not that good at it. Nonetheless, I’ve managed to add 40lbs to the bar – 145 total. My goal is to bench my bodyweight. Then I’ll be happy. Some WODs ask for BW loads, and I like to know I’m now strong enough to lift myself. I’ll have to make sure to to gain too much weight, though…

The WOD was yet again a simple trap: 7 rounds for time – 21 shoulder press (75lbs), 21 back extensions, 15min cap. As I had done presses at 75lbs last saturday, I came in feeling pretty sure I’d do good. And I got screwed. It is HARD to do 21 in a row, or in a set. Bear in mind I did benchpresses before, too. And the back extensions just kill your core; you know, the thing you need to keep straight and tight to do decent shoulder presses. Not a happy camper at the moment. I did manage to finish it in 12:26Rx, but I paid dearly every step of the way. The last round was really bad; the back pain drowned the voice that says to go harder and finish this. That’s when digging deep becomes a challenge, and where you got to use willpower to the max. Looking back, it’s nice to find out I can go further than I ever could before.


1 scoop (9g) Aminocore (BCAA) with 600ml water – right before and during training, 2 fish oil caps, 1 scoop (28g) Dymatize ISO100 whey powder in 350ml milk – after training


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