2 poods

Back in action after the mandatory school-based break. Although I didn’t write about it, I did train on Saturday, but I didn’t do the WOD. My overhead squats suck – you know that, and so do I. So during the open class, I took some time with the coach to see how I could improve it. Turns out there are many things that don’t quite get done well… first in line, my squat –  not deep enough and I curve my back doing it… a big no-no. And this week, because of that, I’m back to even more basic than doing a set of OH Squat with a broomstick in my bedroom; I’m spending the week doing back squat with the stick resting on my shoulders instead. That will improve my form, and next week, my OH squat should have improved a lot.. same with my snatches, as they involve OH squats in the movement too. I’ve been barred to try the OH until next week. So every night I diligently do my set of 10 very deep back squat. It ain’t fun, but you got to do them. And here’s what happens when you do.

Today’s skill was the back squat! Yep, I get to do like the previous 3-4 nights, except with weight. I could see the difference. We did 8-8-6-6. I worked a bit for my last set of 6, but everytime I went deep and didn’t hunch over (much) at the bottom. I think I could’ve gone on to do another set at a heavier weight, now that I’m stable doing this. I’m far from my 1rep max, but “long” sets like this test your stamina, too.

The WOD nearly blew my back. 12 AMRAP – 4 HSPU, 8 KB swings with TWO POODS and 12 GHD sit-ups. I ended up doing 5 rounds and 2 HSPU. It wasn’t Rx as my HSPU are not deep enough. But I can crank out sets of 4, now, at 3-4 inches deep. We’re getting there. I had decided that I was done with the box for it. There’s one way to learn, and that’s by trying, not by listening to the voice that says “back to the box HSPU until your shoulders are stronger”. The KB swings were nasty. I was swinging 72lbs above my head. Now those that know basic physics can see what would happen if I were to lose my grip mid-swing (I didn’t lose it). The GHD were the real killer. At round 4, I felt a sharp pain in my lower back, so I stopped and told the coach about it. Maybe I was doing it wrong? He said no, my core is just shot now – back to regular abmat situps. So 2 rounds on abmats, done at high speed.

For the moment, I’m ok. The hot tub will help loosen the back muscles. Pretty happy I didn’t try to just ride the pain until the end. Knowing when to stop is hard at time; pride and ego cloud the judgement.

Ah, and it seems that my box will also be holding a paleo challenge soon. That will be… interesting. Living with a celiac wife makes part of it simple – we eat very little grain – but cutting the dairy and rice will be harder. And yes, before someone mentions it, I should also quit coffee. But I think that’s simply playing with fire and my sanity.


1 scoop (9g) Aminocore (BCAA) with 600ml water – right before and during training, 2 fish oil caps, 1 scoop (28g) Dymatize ISO100 whey powder in 350ml milk – after training


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