Hero WOD

Another Friday is upon us, and it’s time to choose our level of suck, as the coach would say. As it’s Remembrance Day weekend, I decided to go with a Hero WOD instead of a dirty girl. The Hero WODs are named after military personnel and law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty. They are really nasty things; some I can’t even dream about doing right now. So I went with one named after a Canadian Forces member who lost his life in Afghanistan: Private Colin Wilmot (http://www.crossfit.com/mt-archive2/007642.html). I didn’t only choose this one because of the content. I actually share some indirect history with Pte Wilmot. You see, in a previous life, I worked with the Canadian Forces and every now and then I was on call, in case shit happened. That July, I was on call, and I got called in to work on documents following his tragic death. It was not a fun thing to do; it never is. I’ve “worked on” many of our fallen soldiers, but Pte Wilmot’s face, I never forgot. In my own way, I feel like I paid some tribute to him tonight.

Wilmot: 6 rounds for time – 50 squats. 25 ring dips. Did it in 18:51 Rx. It looks easy enough, but by round 4, lactic acid and fatigue play merry hell on your quads. By round 5, I was proud to simply string 5 dips in a row. Happy to have done it, and under my projected time of 25min.

Take time this weekend to remember those who died, and those who survived, whether it was WWII, Korea, Bosnia or Afghanistan. Regardless of you opinion on some of the wars and reasons behind them, they chose to put their lives at risk so you don’t have to. (sorry if I sound preachy)




1 scoop (9g) Aminocore (BCAA) with 600ml water – right before and during training, 2 fish oil caps, 1 scoop (28g) Dymatize ISO100 whey powder in 350ml milk – after training


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