Rope play

I’m in a good mood today, and the WOD was great. I went a little bit later than usual, as the class was already full. I tried to register this morning at 7:30! Seems it filled up last night, so we went with the Fortis level instead. The box is getting popular! 🙂  Seems the schedule will change too, with added classes, skill classes and competition-oriented classes. Now THAT will make things interesting… especially the skill classes. I also like having more options when it comes to training, regardless of discipline. That way, I can squeeze in what I can in my complicated schedule. 😉

Warm-up was quick and rushed, as everybody but me had left to run. I was chatting and didn’t hear the coach calling the run.  I ran faster than usual to catch up to the Mrs and another girl running ahead of me; managed to catch up some 5m before the door. And you know it’s a often-used path when people don’t even bat an eye at seeing people run outside in shorts and t-shirt.

The skill today was kipping pull-ups. At the Fortis level, the coach doesn’t teach the movement, you just do it. In the case of kipping pull-ups, he can’t have us do them for 30min straight. That would simply be silly, and very, very wrong painful. Instead, as we were a very small group (4), we had a corrective class on the crucial parts of the movement – the swing and knee raises. It’s useful, but the more you think about details, the less coherent you movement becomes…. the brain simply messes things up. 😉

On to the WOD. It was a simple one. 5 rounds for time – 10 clean and jerks 155lbs and 1 rope climb. I thought that this would be when things would come back full circle for me, for all the no reps I called as a judge during the Halloween competition. Turns out it was partially true. I did my clean and jerks at 115lbs. I can probably clean the 155lbs, but I don’t think I’d be able to jerk that weight over my head 50 times. Now that it’s done, I can tell you I could probably go for 125lbs next time. And I no-repped on the round 4 rope climb… half-way up the rope, my arms gave up and I slid down. Got it on the second try, though. I finished the WOD in 13:40, with a new PR for C&J. Even with socks on, I got rope burn/rash on one ankle.

This time, I booked in advance for tomorrow… and I might take a second swing at the Murph.


1 scoop (9g) Aminocore (BCAA) with 600ml water – right before and during training, 2 fish oil caps


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