Well, I really got injured. Training actually started pretty well. I made good time/pace on my warmup run and my shoulders didn’t quite hurt. I had thought about chosing the Murph WOD as my Pick Your Poison Friday, but it looked like it was going to rain, and I felt like staying dry. Instead, I went witht the Hero WOD the coach put up, Nick.

Nick: 12 rounds for time – 10 hang cleans 95lbs and 6 HSPU on dumbells. It’s one of those draining one. I know I can hang clean that weight, so I figured, “why not?”. Hang clean is like your normal clean, but the bar is at mid-thigh and it ends with a squat. At the beginning of round one, I felt some thightness in my shoulders, but I ignored it. Once I start, the muscles warm up and I’m usually good.

Round one went by… HSPU are really tough on dumbells! Then round two. In round three, my shoulders simply gave up on me. It was pain and more pain as I was trying to lift the bar to my shoulders. I did the first and second cleans, then nothing. I couldn’t lift the damn bar past my chest. The shoulders weren’t working, dragging the biceps and triceps along. Ah, there was also shooting pain. I think I forgot to mention that. I really mean pain, not soreness; the type of pain that tells you a nasty injury’s coming if you do not stop. Well, being the idiot that I am, I figured I could finish it at a lighter weight. So I stripped the bar. After all, 45lbs will be child’s play, right? Wrong! Same thing, same uncooperative muscles, same pain.

I told the coach I was done… it was simply too painful to go on for 10 more rounds, no matter how I could scale it. I would’ve sucked it up for 2 rounds or so, but not that many. While I was clearing my space, I showed the coach what I meant and tried to lift the bar. I think his doubts got dissipated about whether I was faking or not. His theory is that my muscles are way too tight or wound up. Massage therapy is needed. It is quite possible, so I made an appointment for a massage this weekend. For some 30 minutes after stopping the WOD, I felt pain shooting down from the deltoids down the biceps and down in the elbows. Now it feel more like heavy soreness. Thus, I’m putting training on hold, at least until Tuesday (no time before anyway). At that point, I’ll reevaluate the situation. My theory is that I might be pushing my body too much, and it’s not used to that level of abuse every other day. I’ll give it some time to heal and rest. Time to work on my running, I guess – my cardio’s crap anyway. 🙂

I could’ve skipped this incident and not written about it. But I think I had too, just like I had to write DNF (did not finish) myself on the board – it’s about closure. Facing that situation brought up a mix of emotions: sadness, pain, anger and frustration – possibl some shame, too. I got less than 3 weeks before the competition, and my body’s falling apart… FUCK! I don’t expect to win, but I’d rather not look like an ass competing. I feel like I’ve let myself and the others at the box down. In any case, I feel better now. I’ve accepted the fact that I have not finished a workout, and that it might happen again at some point in the future. I sincerly hope not, though.

I’ll keep you informed as things progress. For the moment, I’m going to rest a little more.


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