Update – Injury

I haven’t trained since last Friday, besides deep squats exercises. Not even running. As I suspected in my previous post, the shoulder injuries seemed to be due to overtraining. It’s sucks.. a lot.

I went to see a massage therapist on Sunday, which helped release some of the tension in my upper back and shoulders. The pain is almost gone in my left shoulder – I’d say it’s 95% good right now. The right one is another matter. At the moment, after another round of physio tonight, I’d say it’s back to the point it was over a week ago, with some pain felt when doing certain movements. I see this as a good thing. It means it’s nothing major.

I had planned on going back yesterday, but the shoulder’s not ready yet, so I’ve pushed back my return date to Saturday. And even then, I’ll be doing lighter loads, like the following week, so not to injure myself further before the competition. I already know of 3 participants who hd to remove themselves from the event – at least one due to injury. Got to stay healthy! I’ll try to work on the mental aspect of it instead… Try and find what gets me in the zone and such.

So that’s pretty much it at the moment, forced R&R.

On the lighter side of things, the folks I went to see do their black belt exam 2 weeks ago all passed! I just wished I could’ve been present to see them receive their belts. Ah well…


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