Bump in the Road

I was afaird this might happen, and I’ve been preparing myself incase I had to make the decision – I unregistered myself from the WOD 4 Toys competition. My shoulders have been healing over the last week, my left one is actually back to normal. The right one has its ups and downs. Today, I decided to go to the box and test it out gradually, see how things stand. Depending on what happened, I’d take a decision on whether or not I’d compete next week.

After a simple warm-up, I got a 5ft plastic dowel and went through the various lift that require shoulder mobility/strength, in sets of 5: cleans, jerks, OH Squats. On my coach’s advice, I didn’t do snatches, as it’s the most explosive of movements – if my shoulder is not ready, that movement might just f*** it up badly. Things went actually pretty good, to be honest. No pain at all, just a very minute twinge at the end of the fifth jerk. Oh, and the usual stifness that comes with me doing OH squat. After the sets, I tried bodyweight movements that would engage the shoulders – pushups/burpees and pull-ups. No problem there.

I then moved on to the 45lbs bar, same routine. Now I started to feel some pain during the jerks. I also tried at 65lbs, slowly. Same thing. I’m still injured, or at least when it comes to pushing weight above my shoulders. I spoke with my coach, showed him what was problematic and where it hurt. He gave me advice on how to relieve some tension and help my shoulder. He asked me to do some more push-ups, still no problem there… there might be after 50, mind you. He agrees that I shouldn’t be competing next week; it would simply be stupid. He also added I should still come in and train, but when the WOD calls for a shoulder-intensive movement, to just do the movement with a light load or just mimick the movement. That way, I get to train a little and move my shoulder around so it doesn’t entirely seizes up.

Coming home, I wrote to the Crossfit Brockville folks to tell them the bad news, that I’m bowing out of the competition due to injury. I got a quick answer telling me it’s a smart thing to do so, as it promises to be intensive. I got iinvited to their next one, in May. As the competition was for Christmas and charity, I also asked them not to reimburse me my entree fee. Instead, they should use the money to buy some more toys for kids… I’d rather still bring joy to them at christmas.

So here we are, hurt and unhappy, but determined to heal. Next competition, I’ll be there, healtier, stronger and I’ll kick ass!



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