FINALLY back in the gym… sort of. 🙂

Following my coach’s advice, I’m starting to go back slowly to train at the box. We now have a new schedule, where 2 new types of classes were added. A while back, we were asked for feedback as the coach always wants to improve the services he offers us – and that’s excellent. A lot of the athletes asked to have competion-oriented classes and skill-oriented classes. We asked, he delivered. Almost every day now, the last class of the day is comp class. You need the coach’s approval before joining, as he will not teach you movements or how to scale them – that stuff you should already know. It’s more intensive, more competitive and there can be more reps/weight in the WODs. I can’t join it yet, because my shoulder won’t let me. The second class is Skillz. And that’s pretty much says it all. After a warm up, you spend the hour fine tuning certain skills. That’s the class I went to today, as it’s less intensive and more technical. Gives my shoulder a break while I transition back into full training.

Before doing the Skillz class, though, I went through 30min of physio to loosen muscles and get tips on how to stretch better. Let’s hope it’ll help.

Today’s warmup was interesting: four 30 seconds rounds of single unders, separated by 30 second breaks. Whoever got the highest total won a special prize. Here’s a fun fact – those that kill it at double unders suck at singles, and vice versa. So our good athletes had scores  hovering around 190-200 reps. I was pretty proud of my 286. Then someone said they got 290 (dammit!). Then it got even better: the Mrs shared her score – 326! We were all shocked (a pleasant shock in my case – go Mrs!). The secret to her success lies in training at home every now and then. She has a few WODs that she can do in the basement, and they all involve rope skipping… and my rope is heavy. It’s made to build up endurance, not speed. So going back to the super light ones at the gym, she basically flew through the rounds. 🙂  Ah, the prize was choosing which skill we’d work on first.

During the hour, we worked on box jumps, double unders, wall ball shots and pull-ups, but all from an efficiency point of view. The competition is in a few days, and it’s always nice to know how to spend less energy doing things better/faster. I am please to report that my shoulder didn’t hurt much during class. A little bit during double unders as it was tiring, and during the ball shots. I used a 10lbs ball to make sure I wouldn’t strain the muscles. At times, I had some pain throwing the ball with a movement that’s basically the jerk, but at an angle. The shots didn’t hurt when I switched to a movement that mimicks the movement your hands and arm make when you do an overhand in volleyball. The rest went pretty well, as it was more legs or back intensive. I did spend time working on hip explosion for the kipping pull-ups. It’s hard to do and think at the same time! But we’re improving.

I’ll see tomorrow and tonight how the shoulder feels, that will dictate when and how I come back next time.

Oh, almost forgot. Some people seem to see a lot more potential in me than myself. One guy (a really really good one – he’ll probably win this Sunday) agreed with my assessment and dropping out of the comp for reasons I’ve written about. But he added something else. “You good to heal and get stronger so you’ll be able to perform well improvementduring the open.” Wait, what? Me, trying out in the open??? The open are the first step if you want to do the crossfit games. Here are the WODs one had to do for the open 2012 – there’s one per week for 5 weeks.


1 scoop (28g) Dymatize ISO100 whey powder in 350ml milk – after training


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