Snatch Testing

It’s the day before the WOD 4 Toys, and the box is running at a slower pace, as a lot of athletes are taking it easy. I feel sad not being able to join them, but that’s life for you. In my continuous effort to heal, but still train a little, I went to the Skillz class; today’s WOD, lovingly nicknamed “barf”, was simply too much. No because of the weight, but rather because of the number of reps and exercices… 20 reps each for some 15 exercices. Someday, soon…

Today’s Skillz was aimed a efficiency once again, this time it was on the most explosive lift, and the one most likely to damage my shoulder should I do it with wieght at the moment: the snatch. The coach mostly worked on two aspects that are very important if you want to save energy and not muscle through the movement – the squat/hip extension and getting under the bar. We started with box jumps with all our weight on our heels, toes raised. Jumping the way forces full hip extension if you want to land on top of the box, and not somewhere midway where you’ll hurt you shins.

We then did balance snatches. You start in a standing positiong, bar resting on the shoudlers (like a back squat), and then you drop down in a squat under the bar so that it goes over your head, arms extended – an OH Squat. This helpd you to get the feeling of dropping under the bar when lfiting. The full snatch is basically lifting the bar of the ground and “bouncing” it on/with the hips to get momentum and elevation, then dropping in a squat underneath the bar. So you’re not really fully lifting the bar over your head, but rather midqay and the slip underneath.

The last exercice was aimed at the hip extension – hang power snatch. You start with the bar at mid-shin level, deadlift and hip thrust to get it higher and go underneath. You dont have to do a full squat for this movement.

The beauty of a skill class is that it’s mostly done without weight. You work on technique. We started with plastic dowels and then went with bars. Because of my shoulder, I figued it’d be best to stay with the dowel. I did try a few reps of balance and hang power snatches with the women’s bar (35lbs) at the end of each series, if only to test how it felt with muscle fatique. Encouraging results: disconfort, but no pain. I probably would be ok with the men’s bar (45lbs), but not heavier, and not for a full WOD… yet. 🙂

For those who’ve read about my strugle with the OH Squats, here’s a new chapter. I got singled out as an example of overcoming lack of mobility for the movement.


Two fish oil caps.  I am nearing the bottom of my BCAA’s and Whey powder. Any suggestions for something new? I’m looking for a pre/during drink and a post drink. I am not looking for a mass gainer, though. I thought about getting the Beyond Yourself athletic pac, it’s got a pre drink, BCAA’s and whey powder. Some folks at the box like it. Heard about it?

Many thanks.


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