After last Saturday’s Snatch skillz, today was all about jerks. After a simple rowing warmup, we got on to the progession towards the clean and jerk.

We started witht the bar in the front squat position, elbows out and bar resting on the shoulders and collar bone. Then we went into a deep squat and we waited there for 30s, three times, to get used to being that deep with a bar. Thank you coach for all thoses night making me practice squatting for the OH Squat! It’s a piece a cake to stay deep, now. I had some shaking in the arm as the shoulder struggled to keep the 45lbs straight, but my squat was deep ands stable.

We followed with hang power cleans, so the bar hangs at mid-thigh, and you quarter to half squat before getting the bar in the clean/front squat position. You get the energy to drive the bar up through hip extension. Three sets of eights. On my last set, I added a 10lbs plate on each side to see hwo it felt… It wasn’t too bad. We then progressed to the hang clean and jerks. Bar mid-thigh, you go into the full squat for the clean, then stand up and jerk it – basically an explosive shoulder press. We did split-jerks – the legs go in a lunge position as you explode to get you lower and under the bar without muscling through the whole thing. It’s useful with heavier weights. We did three sets of four. I stayed with the bar, except for the last set where I did it with a 10 lbs plate on each side. Again, the shoudler was good. The split-jerks makes you avoid the muscling up, which is what would’ve hurt me.

All this was geared towards doing the full clean and jerk. Bar on the ground, catch in a squat, then (split)jerk. We were to do three times one rep to get to our max weight. Now that is NOT going to happen. I would not push my shoulder to the max… yet. I did start with 65lbs (bar plus 2x10lbs), then added 10 lbs total, then another 10 lbs total. So my 3rd attempt had 85lbs. Looking in my log book, I know that I’ve done heavier some months back, 115lbs actually. I knew today I could’ve gone heavier, but I’m not going to risk it on pride or to get a new PR that might put me on the sidelines for months instead of weeks.

I’ll see tomorrow if pushing it was a smart thing. According to my physio, the problem is muscular, and that I can start adding wieght again. The max muscle contraction also brings max muscle release, and that could help undo whatever crap is wrong there.

Oh, and our athletes kicked bottom last Sunday at the WOD 4 Toys! We got first in men scaled, first and third for women scaled, and thrid in women Rx. 🙂


1 scoop (28g) Dymatize ISO100 whey powder in 350ml milk – after training


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