Man, I’m sore now! Like most folks living in Ottawa,  I played the shovel game yesterday and this morning. So I figured I’d go train a little to complete burning out my muscles before Christmas. I did both Skillz and the regular classes today.

Skillz was all about snatches. We seem to practice them more often these days… maybe because our coach saw glaring flaws in the technique or we’re all plateauing. In any case, practice makes perfect. We started with the movements for power snatches (6-6-6). I had the 45lbs bar and did my last set of 6 with 65lbs. Balance snatches were next (3-3-3), and I only did them with the 45lbs bar, the movement is still to intense for my actual mobility/flexibility. We finishes with “real” snatches (2-2-1-1), with full squat, where you’d theoretically push to your max weight. And that’s what I did. I pushed to a new PR, 65lbs. I know I used to do better, but here we are, and that’S how things stand now. I wanted to push further, but my second 65lbs snatch was an utter failure… Deep in the squat, my form collapsed and my body started going backwards. I barely threw the bar forward in time to avoir getting a face-full of steel. I finished my fall with a backward roll and getting up, which prompted the guy behing me to say something about getting up like in martisl arts and checking where the next ennemy would come next. Well, yeah… that’s exactly it. 😉

The WOD was brutal. After the warm-up and the skill, hips and legs mobility, something that would’ve been usefull BEFORE the Skillz class, we went on with a workout called “Tabata This”. Tabata is a Japanese training concept of high intensity training. It’s eight 20 seconds rounds of max reps separated by 10s rest between round. So it’s 4 minutes overall. It supposedly pushes your VO2max to about 170%. Yeah, I believe it!  Our Tabata consisted of the following: Rowing (for calories), Squats, Pull-ups, Push-ups and Sit-ups. The lowest number of reps was the number that would count for the final score. You have to push your self to reach that number every time… and it gets harder and harder. For example, here’s my progession for pullups: 11-10-9-8-7-6-6-6.

You only have a minute between exercices to catch you breath – the 10s rest is not enough. By the time you brain processes the signal to rest/relax the muscles a little bit, it’s already time for the next set. You finish out of breath, tired, muscles, lungs and abs on fire. The abs at the end were the worst of the lot; you worked your core all throughout the WOD and then you finish with an abs-specific exercice. Still happy to have done it, though. I need to work my cardio and resistance – that’s a nice but nasty way, to achieve my goal. I finished the WOD with a total of 41. I did not Rx, as my form became crappy around the 4th round of pushups.


1 scoop (9g) Aminocore (BCAA) with 600ml water – right before and during training, 1 scoop (28g) Dymatize ISO100 whey powder in 350ml milk – after training.


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