Christmas has come and gone, but the calories remain. It was time to change that.

Like many, we spent Christmas visiting our families and seeing friends outside of town. At that point, on the road, I’ve got 2 options to train: bodeefit or find a box that’s open. I’m fortunate enough that one is open near my parents’ place in Quebec city – Crossfit Minos. To be honest, we’re spoiled at my regular gym, we’ve got space and some more space. They have a smallish room next to a regular gym. But don’t let the size or quantity of equipment available fool you. It’s as hard and fun there as anywhere else.

We arrived a few minutes early, if only to warm up some more and fill whatever paperwork they’d need. Warmup there is at your own pace. You do theirs and whatever extra needed. To warmup, they want you to do 1-2 rounds of 15s Armstrong stretch for each leg, a sort of stretching lunge with arms overhead, 10 OH Squat with a broomstick, 10 situps, 10 ring rows (sort of reverse pushups on rings), 10 back extensions on the ground and 10 pushups.

Once that’s done, and the class has started, it’s straight on to the WOD. I don’t know if they usually do a skill section, but they didn’t today.. maybe because the movements are known by all. Today’s WOD was Fat Burner 2 (Fat Burner 1 was yesterday, I’m told). It’s a cardio WOD mostly.

Fat Burner: 3 rounds of 6 exercices, 2min per exercice, take breaks as needed, but the timer doesn’t stop. Score is the number of reps (except the wall chair, that’s no rep). Exercices were rowing for calories, jumping lunges, wall chair, bicyle (on your back, elbows touching opposite knee each time), man makers with 25lbs dumbbells and weighted squats with a 20lbs medecine ball. It’s all pretty much strainght forward, except the man maker – that thing’s NASTY! You start with a 25lbs dumbbell in each hand. Do a lunge with one leg, then the other, then do a pushup, then, still in pushup position, do a row with each arm (basically lifting the elbow/hand next to your body), then crouch like getting up from a burpee, get up and do a thruster. That’s one rep. The WOD starts easy, like many WODs, then reality sets in and you burn and you hurt. I finished with a score of 711 – most of the reps come from the bicycle.

The box there may be smallish, like I said earlier, but we were welcomed with open arms and the coach expected us to push ourselves, regardless if we were visitors or not. The only negative point that I can see is the sound. Like all boxes, you crank the music up during a WOD. But I found the coach doesn’t yell loud enough at times when cheering/pushing or telling us a round is over. The same goes for the timer. We can barely hear the beeps between rounds over the music. The Mrs actually ended up doing extra man makers because she was in her zone and didn’t hear the beep. Honestly, that’s the only thing I see, and I don’t mind that at all.

We were told we can come back any time we’re in town, which is nice. Hopefully, they’ll come to Ottawa when we do our next competition – see how their athletes stack up agaisnt ours… 😉


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