Last WODs of 2012

2012 is coming to a close and I’ll be welcoming the new year with the Mrs in the mountains somewhere. I kept my promise and did at least 3 workouts – as today was skillz and a regular WOD. I’m not counting the shovelling or the outdoor activities in the snow.

Today’s skillz was all core-oriented. We started with L-sits. You basically sit on the floor and raise you butt and legs off the ground, staying in a seated position. That is freaking hard, and in I can’t do it, so I scaled and did the same hanging from a bar, then from rings. Five times, you have to hold as long as possible. My personal best is some 23 seconds. We then moved on to GHD situps, 4 rounds of 10. They went pretty well and I didn’t hurt my back, always a plus! Last was back extensions, 4 rounds of 15 and we added weight on the last 2 rounds (10, then 15 lbs). We were all sore and sweaty from that set of exercices. Tomorrow’s going to be interesting. Heck, clearing my driveway here was pure pleasure after all that!

On to the second class. We warmed up with 3 rounds of 10 OH Squats (plastic dowel), 10 knees to elbows and 10 burpees. I have officially reconciled myself with the OH Squat; I don’t mind doing them anymore. I’ve also been praised for improved kipping on the knees to elbows. I thought they were crap, but I’ll take it. The skill for the class was thrusters, 8-6-4-8. We added weight until the set of 4 reps, then went back to the weight of 6 reps, but we did 8 reps instead. It’s lighter, but still hard. That was a good skill and I actually managed to do 4 reps at 95lbs, which is the normal weight for men during WODs. Slowly, but surely, I’m becoming my old self again.

The WOD was fiendish: 1000m row, 100 pushups and 10 snatches at 195lbs for time, 20min cap. After thrusters and rowing, your shoulderas are burning. The 100 pushups just add to the pain, and then the snatches. It just builds up… the rowing went fine, just like the first 30 pushups. Then it seemed like someone turned gravity up a notch. My sets of 10s became sets of 8s, then 6s. Once than was done, I took a lot to simply do the snatch. I missed a lot of them, and I only had the 45lbs bar – an improvement from the 35lbs used during the last WODs. I finished in 13:09.

I probably won’t write until the New Year, unless I squeeze in some bodeefit in there. Here’s a taste of what 2013 will bring: I’m returning on the mats at the dojo, finally! The Spartan Race – Reason behind this blog! More insane WODs, more fun. My box will also be doing a 3 months paleo challenge starting in January. I plan on trying it and see if it’ll change things. So that means you’ll get to hear about how hungry/full I might get at time. 🙂

I wish you all a Happy New Year. May the best thing that happened to you in 2012 be the worse of 2013.


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