Day 1

The Paleo challenge started today. Now, I won’t bore you with a daily narration of what I eat or do to earn my points. I did start with a bang, though. Day 1 is almost done and I’ve got the full 20 points!

A few weeks ago, I bought a nice book on paleo that included a 30 day meal plan. I figured I’d follow it for at least 3 weeks to get the hang of the diet, discover what works and fills me up, or not. The recipes are made for a family – and there’s just me and the Mrs. We have a lot of leftovers – which makes cooking easier, too. Even if we both love to cook, it’s a lot of preparation and cooking. We’re trying to do the same as what I think my running coach is doing, which is cook for the week, or a few days. It does make life easier. We cooked all that’s in the plan (snacks included)for the first 2.5 days, except a stew and Wednesday’s fritata, and we’ve got food until Friday noon! Let me also tell you one thing: that food is FILLING! Holy frying pan! I had breakfast at 6am and wasn’t hungry until 10:30am.

This is the only time I’ll do this, unless I come across something so mind-blowing good I have to share it. Here’s what I had today:

Breakfast: Huevos Rancheros – 2 eggs with avocado slices and salsa verde

Snacks: Ant on a log – Almond butter, fruit and shredded coconut / Paleo bar

Lunch: Shrimp tacos (romaine shell) – shrimp, onion, garlic, lettuce

Dinner: Spicy slow-roasted chicken with sweet potatoe fries (oven roasted) and mango coleslaw

I also had throughout the day some 3 liters of water. My kidneys are now clean and a model of efficiency! I had a 500ml water bottle at work, and I plan on driking its content at least 3 times a day. Adding the water at meals and training, I should always clear the 2l water mark and get a point there. Ah, and for those who thought I’d freak out at only having 1 coffee a day: I’m holding it together so far…

Those that paid attention to the count will see I’m 3 points short. Well, I slept more than 7 hours last night; I also dreamt of eggs and avocado for some reason. I also trained today, namely bodeefit.

Today’s bodeefit WOD was 10 jumping squats and 5 burpees, every minute on the minute (EMOM), for 10 minutes. That means that if I finish the exercise in less than a minute, I can catch my breath until the next minute starts. It was nasty cardio! 🙂 Still happy to have done it, though.


1 scoop (28g) Dymatize ISO100 whey powder in 400ml water – after training.

P.S. Big special thanks (partialy in advance) to the Mrs whose joining me in this adventure, even though she doesn’t have to. 🙂



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