Title got your attention, yes? My whole house smells of bacon. Fritata for tomorrow’s breakfast.:)

Today’s workout was good. Not that demanding on cardio, thank you very much, but more geared towards muscles endurance. The skill part was shoulder press (a strict lift) 8-8-8, then push press 6-6-6 and finally-split-jerk 4-4-4. I’m happy to say I’m getting my strenght back. The shoulder press I did at 95lbs -thems are hard.. it’s pure brawn. The push-press I added weight up to 125lbs. The split-jerks I scaled back to 95lbs. With more weight, I kept on bailing on each try; not a good thing. It didn’t help that my form was not good enough. My front leg was bent at a right angle, which forced my body forward and made me bail. When my knee is behind my heel, I’m upright and it works. Thanks coach!

We then moved on to the WOD: 3 rounds for time – 10 deadlift 275lbs and 50 double unders. Yeah, no. I had to scale it at 225lbs for deadlift, and single unders. Otherwise, I’d still be there or I would’ve put all the skipping ropes to the knife. I suck at them, and I do them whenever they’re prescribed, but 3 times 50 was too much. On the board were 3 guys who did not finish due to extreme rope frustration. The deadlifts went perfectly, no strain, decent form (no comments from coach) and good timing. I started by doing one, then dropping it, then do another, etc. It takes a lot of time. I then went to sets of two, keeping my hands on the bar. It forces you do rest less and do another one more quickly. I finished in 8:02.

Paleo: Still sane, not much suffering from coffee withdrawal. To be honest, though, I do feel a little more sluggish than usual; don’t know how much is due to the diet. I’ll see as things progress.


1 scoop (10g) Beyond Yourself AMRAP (BCAA) with 12oz water – during training, 1 scoop (28g) Dymatize ISO100 whey powder in 400ml water – after training.


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