Weekend Update

I didn’t train *that* hard this weekend, but I did work out. The sluggishness got the better of me, and I stayed home, slept late both days. I did cook for my whole week and do bodeefit workouts to keep up and stay active, and so did the Mrs. It’s always fun to have your spouse/partner/significant other train with you. There’s no slacking off – the other ones training, get off your ass!

I was afraid that I might slip during the weekend, but I did not. I think weekends are going to be hard for everybody because you don’t have work to get your mind off forbidden food.

1 week done. 🙂

Ah, for those looking for a small workout that’ll still push you, try Fran’s Cousin. 21-15-9: burpees and double HSPU. That’s right, release at the bottom AND at the top. Took me 9:13.


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