Another good WOD tonight, and I’m going ot feel it tomorrow! Nonetheless, it felt good to fight the outside cold with training and sweating.

After warm-up, we went to the skill of the day – Power snatches 8-6-4–2-2-2. I started light, 75lbs, and went heavier until I found my max – 155lbs. I’m pretty happy with it, though I would’ve like to do my last set of 2 at 175, but it just didn’t want to. Next time!

The  WOD was a hate-filled one for me, but I managed to keep my calm through out. Three rounds for time: 50 double unders, 50 KB swings 1.5pood and 50 situps – 20 min cap. That’s right, only 20min to do all of it. And I can’t even string series of doubles unders. Fun times. I was determined nonetheless to do this Rx, even if I only managed to do one round. I ended up doing 1 round and 13 situps of the second round – but. it. was. Rx! I’m really getting bad at those DU… I had to do them in sets of one. Statistically, I should’ve been able to at least to 2 in a row at some point. But no, not even. I hate double unders, with a passion. Still, I kept (most of) my cool and did them. It’s the only way I’ll get better. Sigh.

The rest went pretty well; it’s the quantities that hurt. 50 KB swings is a lot – you have to break it down in sets, it’s less daunting.


1 scoop (10g) Beyond Yourself AMRAP (BCAA) with 12oz water – during training, 1 scoop (28g) Dymatize ISO100 whey powder in 400ml water – after training.


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