Adding up

As I am writing this, one of my quads still twitches a little from the WOD.

I figured it would be short and nasty or long and horrible – turns out it’s both. We started things easy after the warm up with weighted dips (6-6-6-6). You tie an elastic band around your waist with a dumbell in it, then do a set of dips on the parallettes. I ended up doing my last set with a 35lbs – I could’ve gone higher, I think. Dips are probably the only thing I’m really good at in training. 🙂

The WOD was… unconventional. One round is a set of two minutes; the first minute, you only do squats, and the second one, you do pullups. You have to reach 60 reps by the end of the round. In my first round, I did 59 squats (woot!), so I only had to do 1 pull-up in the second minute. I honestly didn’t think I’d do well for this. I don’t mind doing pull-ups, but they add up faster than squats. Squats add up at an even more alarming rate, and so does you lactic acid levels. My goal was to do four minutes – two rounds. I ended up doing 3 full rounds and 43 reps in the 4th rounds. Rounds were 59/1, 50/10, 45/15, 31/12. I ‘m very please with myself, but I’ll probably pay for it tomorrow, regardless of stretching. Oh, well, at least it’ll Friday!

Paleo note: My initial weigh-in, full, pre-WOD, was 199lbs. Today, almost 2 weeks later, full, pre-WOD, I’m at 190lbs. Weigh-in done on the same scale at the same place. 🙂


1 scoop (10g) Beyond Yourself AMRAP (BCAA) with 12oz water – during training, 1 scoop (28g) Dymatize ISO100 whey powder in 400ml water – after training.


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