Even on the road, I’m keeping true to the challenge, and my training. Plus, it’s fun to see other boxes. This week, I’m working in Fredericton, and as luck would have it, there’s a crossfit gym right behind the hotel. Seriously, right behind it! I can see the roof from my room. The owners and awesome and generous folks, and let both me and the Mrs train with them.

One thing I got to give them from the get go, they run a tight ship. I was asked questions about our training background before even setting foot in the gym – a good way of gauging what we know and do and set things accordingly. Both owners and trainers come from an olympic/powerlifting background, all champions in their own rights. They see/teach crossfit as the backbone to your main sport – somewhat like the reason why I started crossfit, to give me an egde/improve in martial arts.

You do the warmup before starting the training session – no time “wasted”. Simple and efficient, 2 rounds – 10 burpees, 10 squats, 10 pullups, 20 lunges, 2 turkish GU and armstrong stretch 15s. We then started class. Today, for us, was deadlift. They have a lift schedule that varies on how many times you came in before in the week. They have a chart based on experience, a method whose name I’ve forgotten and minor tweaking to figure out the weight progression. Based on my previous 1rep max, and my last WOD weights, we figured my target final lifting weight: 275lbs. I started gradually from 140lbs and worked my way up in 6 sets to 275lbs for a set of 3. I was told I had a good form (hurray for my coach!). I was shown a few minor details to improve my form, and I think it makes a difference. Their strength program is interesting – they have small 4 week mini-programs to push back your limits when you’ve found your upper limits. We had 6 sets, and they are timed – they’re set 4 minutes apart. They’re low rep sets, so you’ve time to lift, add weight and rest a little. Heck, I was sharing my bar with another athlete who was using similar weights, and we had time enough.

After the sets, and clearing the bars – it’s a pretty decent size gym; I’d say about 2/3 of what we have in Ottawa – we moved on to the WOD. On today’s menu, a straightforward exercise: 30 muscle ups for time. That’s it. 🙂  Like most, I can’t even do one to save my own life. Obviously, you can scale. Their scale is split and double. That means 30 muscle ups become 60 pullups and 60 push-ups. That’s right, arms, arms and more arms. I PR’d on pull ups, managing to do 21 in a row! I’m pretty happy about keeping up with the guys and gals there, too, finishing in 7:42. Ripped a callus, but I’ll live. After doing 60 pull-ups, I’m starting to think the Murph will be “easier”…

Paleo challenge update: Honestly, tonight, it suck. I wanted some of the sweets offered this afternoon at work, and a desert tonight. I stay strong, didn’t cave in, but it still suck!



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