Fredericton 2

I’m there, I have the possibility, might as well use it. With my elbows still a little sore from Wednesday’s pullups, I went back to the Crossfit gym to tackle new challenges.

Like I mentionned in my previous post, the first part of the training session is strength-oriented lifts. I had the choice today, so I decided to make use of professional lifters to work on a lift I’m not good at: the OH Squat. With their system, I started at 35lbs for 3 reps, and worked my way to 5reps and 60lbs over 5 sets. It’s not much, but the light weight helped me focus on my form. Even at 60lbs, my form was better, I didn’t feel like my arms were going forward and dragging me with them like usual. I’ll also give credit to my Ottawa coach, I’ve been told I got a good form/technique! 🙂  I did get some tips that I hope will help, as well as a new exercise to improve my shoulder flexibility. Like the deep squats I practiced every night, I had to do these ones every night. Hope it works – this will also help my snatch.

The Mrs worked on lifts while I did the WOD. She got good results and tips, too. She seemed very happy about it, too. 🙂

The WOD was 15min AMRAP: 10 pushups, 15KB swings 1.5pood. After Wednesday’s pushups, this was NOT welcomed. But like the old saying goes, It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun. I keep a good pace and finished with 7rounds and 1 KB Swing Rx. A good way to warm up in the cold N.-B. morning.


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