Perfect Week

Going in the paleo challenge, this is one of the thing I promised myself I’d do – get a perfect week. Every Sunday, I have to send my coach my scorecard so he can tally the points. I’ve been averaging 138 points per week, missing usually just one workout. Not this week, though. I got full points – 140!

And to top it all, it was done while I was on a business trip, and got snowed-in to boot. Granted, it wasn’t a walk in the park. On Friday night, they had a seafood buffet (not heavy on sauces, too) with a table filled with desserts: apple pie, carrot cake, cheesecake, sugar pecan pie, all topped with whipped cream. Sigh. I have a very sweet tooth – I was tempted. I didn’t give in, but the fruits I had were but a pale substitute. Cheering from the Mrs, who also can’t have said desserts, helped.

If I can hold on during a business trip, I should be good for home.

Now let’s see if I can do 2 weeks in a row. 🙂



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