We are 13 days away from the reveal of the first Crossfit Games Open WOD. And today, it dawned on me that I should give a shot at the 2012 Open WODs – see how I would’ve stacked up against last year’s athletes. I know we’re 2 weeks away, but better late than not at all!

Today, from home, I did WOD 12.1, the first WOD published last year. It is called the 7 minute burpee challenge. That’s right, 7 minutes to do as many burpees as possible. My cardio sucks (or blows, depending on the exercice); burpees are deadly in that respect. My goal was to do more than the last guy in the Canada East Division, ranked 1199th. Ok, next to last guy, as the last one did just a single burpee.

The standard for the burpee in the Open is “At the bottom position, the Athlete’s chest and hips must touch the ground. At the top of the movement, both hands must make contact with the target 6 inches above your max reach.” In my case, 6 inches above my max reach was precisely the ceiling. Easy target to hit/reach.

After 7 minutes of hell, lungs burning and mouth tasting of blood/copper, I finished with 65 burpees, the Mrs having no-rep’d my last one as I had timed out. I didn’t even hear the timer buzz. It’s a little bit dispointing – I was hoping for at least 70 – but it’s better than none. According to last year’s scoreboard, I would’ve been ranked at 1165th with my result. Not the last, but way down at the bottom of the heap.


1 scoop (30g) Beyond Yourself Whey ISO in 500ml water – after training


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