2 pood

Back in the box after a slow weekend. I did train Sautrday, but I decided to take the Sunday off, first real rest day in the last 2-3 weeks. Felt good! The only exercice I did was yelling at my coathletes doing 13.2 – they did awesome, some breaking their previous 13.2 scores… and I mean breaking it by whole rounds.

Today felt like a Monday… just bleh. After the warmup, we split our group in two teams, for logistical reasons. One half did the WOD while the other did the skill part. I did skills first.

Skill was simple, squat cleans 10-8-6-4-4-4. I ended up doing 115lbs at the end, which was pretty much around my 1rep max. It went pretty well; getting under the bar was ok, too. I tweaked my wrist again, but it’ not too bad. I’ve been given more homework by the coach, too. Every time we have cleans, front squats, I have to add to my warmup a series of exercices to help with my wrist mobility, or lack thereof.

As my quads and knees were extremely well warmed up, we moved to the WOD, a quick one, too. 21-15-9 for time: back squat 225lbs, KB Swing 2 poods. Oh joy, one is my 1 max rep (recent), the other is 2 pood. That’s a LOT of weight to swing around – 72lbs.  I scaled it quite a lot, and it still was a lot of work, especially the squats. I did 135lbs and 2 poods. Took me 7:50, and I’m goingto feel it tomorrow, too.


1 scoop (10g) Beyond Yourself AMRAP (BCAA) with 12oz water – during training, 1 scoop (30g) Beyond Yourself Whey ISO in 500ml water – after training


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