Today, after yesterday and 13.4, I decided to give my shoulders a rest, by which I mean go to the box and train them some more.

After a nice warmups that included wall walks, we got into the skill part – weighted pull-ups – 10-8-6-4-2. That’s right, you have to challenge gravity a little more than usual. The rule is, if you don’t use a band to help you, you have to be able to do the first 10 pull ups, strict and unbroken. Then you get to add weight. Doing them strict and ouinbroken was hard, and I didn’t manage it in all sets, but I did add 5 then 10lbs. That was a good work out for the back and shoulders.

The WOD was… demanding, but not a mind breaker. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time, 25min cap, of  handstand pushups, box jumps 30in and wall ball shots 20lbs. I figured the hardest part would be the wall balls, as you’ve worked shoulders and legs before, but not, box jumps and wall balls are rest time. The HSPU will get you. it takes a lot of efforts to rise. I still can’t do them fully, going to the ground and back, but I’m close! Took me 17:41 to finish it, totally soaked.

Ah, for those wondering, the total is 55 reps of each. The math-inclined can look up Gauss’ system of adding numbers from 1 to x.   🙂


1 scoop (10g) Beyond Yourself AMRAP (BCAA) with 12oz water – during training, 1 scoop (30g) Beyond Yourself Whey ISO in 500ml water – after training


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