Update Bday

Back from a weekend away, where I did nothing healthy. Call it a cheat weekend.

I did my birthday WOD on Friday, it was a nasty thing. The burpees were ok until about halfway through; tht’s when the amount you’ve done start to take a toll, on top of the WOD itself. Every minute, our new coach – we got a new coach.. we’ll see how she’ll fare. So far, it’s promising. So the new coach yelled burpee! at every minute to make sure I didn’t forget… except on minute 8. when I yelled burpee as she had forgotten. Totally worth it. 🙂 I finished in 15:34, but not Rx. The OH Squat I did at 65lbs.


Ah, and the Paleo Challenge results are in! I won! and so did the other guy. We finished ex aequo in the end. I don’t mind, the journey was a prize in itself. But we did get a nifty book: http://www.amazon.ca/Becoming-Supple-Leopard-Preventing-Performance/dp/1936608588  and bragging rights. 🙂

Now to get some rest.


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