Hi there, welcome to my blog. I’m just your average guy who, one day, decided to register for the Spartan Race.

I’ve started this project for a few reasons. First of all, I’ve never had a blog before, and I figured it would be an interesting experience. I know this not something new, nor will I be the last to blog about my journey to some event. I thought about blogging this because every time you have a story about a regular guy training for a sport, it ends up being about a crazy event involving insane distances and/or feats of strength like juggling kettlebell while running a marathon or it involves a life changing event like massive weight loss, etc. There’s nothing wrong with that, mind you – I applaud the folks who manage to do this, it IS impressive. But what about the remaining 95%? Most of us don’t have the time/money/drive/inspiration/courage etc. to achieve such results, but we still want to prove ourselves somehow.

I first heard about the Spartan Race in a men’s magazine on health, training etc. earlier this spring. Internet told me there was one happening in Ottawa, my town, in about a month or so, but I didn’t have the guts to register, thinking I’d fail miserably next to a bunch of fit, strong and fast guys (and girls!). That race is now behind us, and the next one will be in June. I decided that this time, I’d be there and ready for it.

As I said, I’m an average guy. I have a house in the suburbs, a wife I love dearly and a full time job. I don’t have kids, but I’m studying part time instead. When I can, I make time to train and get in better shape – or at least keep the fat at bay. I figured writing down my journey to the Race would encourage me to stay focused, but at the same time show to others that anybody can test themselves in obstacle races, however busy your life is. You don’t have to be special; you just have to get out there and do it.

Legal disclaimer and such: Spartan Race, and all other brand names I might write about here are registered trademarks/copyrights of their respective owners/companies. No one is paying me to use them, nor do I seek profit from them. The opinions stated in this blog are my own, based my experience. So it shouldn’t be considered as given advice on what’s good or not – it’s your job to find out what’s right for you.


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