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Skin and Nutts

It seems like forever since I last posted/trained, the reason being that I was out of town on business. That’s right, eating not many veggies and fried stuff. I did try my best to keep up with training, asking the local box if they had a spot for me. Unfortunately, my free time was during their busiest periods. And when you have the choice between paying customers and some visiting guy… In any case I did some bodyweight exercise and prisonner squats to keep improving my shoulder flexibility. I’m getting better, my head does not tilt forward much while squatting with my hands behind my head. Try it, you’ll see it’s not that simple.

Today’s another pick your poison day. I had posted on my Facebook last Monday that I’d do the Canadian Hero WOD posted that day – school and all that. So tonight, I kept my word and did Nutts.

Nutts: 10 HSPU, 15 deadlift 250lbs, 25 boxjumps 30in, 50 pulllups, 100 wallball shots 20lbs, 200 double unders and 400m run with a 45lbs plate. And yes, it’s nuts. Took me 34:29, and I did not Rx. I did 225lbs with good form (the min weight expected for the WOD 4 Toys, too), my HSPU are not deep enough yet, but I can string 10 in a row, no sweat! Because of the sheer number of DU, and me not wanting to stay there for hours and be very very angry at the universe, I did 600 singles instead. It’s brutal and the rope skip takes a lot on the cardio. Then the running… Oh man, the running with a plate is so demanding. There’s simply no good way to hold the plate and run decently. And people give you very funny looks, as if they’d never seen a guy in shorts and t-shirt, dripping with sweat, huffing and puffing running outside mid-November while carrying a 45lbs plate around. Go figure.

I also received my Skin compression shirt today, short sleeved. The theory behind it is that compression helps sending back the blood towards the heart, so it gets oxygenated faster, and your muscles don’t tire as quickly – or hurt as much afterwards. Well, I don’t know about the last part, but it seems to be doing something. The compression keeps the shoulders and back from hunching, and I didn’t feel as tired as I thought I would be by the end of the 100 wall ball shots. I guess that’s something. 🙂

I should be training tomorrow, but instead I’ll go see friends who are testing for their black belt. It will be fun to see old friends,but also painful to watch as I can’t for the moment. I really miss jiu jitsu… 😦

1 scoop (9g) Aminocore (BCAA) with 600ml water – right before and during training, 1 scoop (28g) Dymatize ISO100 whey powder in 350ml milk – after training


Box jumps pysche out

Either I’m insane, or my body’s coping better with soreness. Either way, I went back to train again. I was ok overall, and over yesterday’s frustration, ready to get some more… and maybe spend some money. We had a rep from a compression clothing company come to show us his products and sell them at half price. I decided to go with a short-sleeved top, if only to see if it’s worth it. I would’ve rather have socks, but he had like five pairs in sizes small, medium and large. Seems I need extra small and he was all out of those. Honestly, if you go sell products in a box where you know you’ll make a killing on a popular item (like socks), you try to have some in with you/in inventory, or at least be able to order some at some point. Ah well. We’ll see how the top fits once I get it, most likely next week – review to come. Now on to the daily dose of hurt.

The skill today was box jumps. Try to go as high as you can. In a WOD, Rx for guys is usually 24 inches, with the odd 30in thrown in for a chuckle every now and then. I can do 30, no sweat. It’s when you go higher that the mind plays tricks on you. You start to wonder if you’ll be able to make it; the next height was technically 40in – 2 x 20in boxes stacked. Remember that the boxes are made of wood, and not that sanded, too, as you jump on them. You start psyching yourself out, thinking you’ll miss, slip or something else and hit/scrape/cut open you shins on the box. These things do happens. It tried a “dry jump” to see if I could clear 40in. I can, in theory… I half-psyched myself out, and the 2-3 tries I did, I ended up with one foot on and then just getting off the box. It is scary. But crossfit being crossfit, there’s always a way of scaling. I tried adding a 45lbs plate on top of the 30in box. The plate is 2.5in thick. I can manage that, so I added another one on top; I can jump that height, too. So I’m at 35in for jumps. Next time, I’ll go higher, or try to. 🙂

The WOD was painful. 3 rounds for time – 21 thrusters 95lbs, 21 burpees and 400m run. I had never tried more than 1 thruster at that weight, and that was when I thought about doing Fran. I’m honestly still unsure about Fran, and I think that’s because the thrusters at 95lbs are hard on my shoulders. Thrusters are a squat with the bar resting on your shoulders and then you go into a shoulder press as you come up. I did all 3 rounds Rx in 22:32, hating this every step of the way. My right shoulder is not fully healed yet and pain flared up at thruster number 5 of the first round, followed by back pain and thruster number 3 of round 2 – lousy GHD situps. It was long, painful, but I finished it. Whether it was a smart think remains unknown. I’ll see tomorrow. For now, I’ll rest and heal (yeah right). Maybe in a week or so, I’ll give Fran a try on pick your poison Friday.


1 scoop (9g) Aminocore (BCAA) with 600ml water – right before and during training, 2 fish oil caps, 1 scoop (28g) Dymatize ISO100 whey powder in 350ml milk – after training