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Pose Method

Over the weekend, the MRs and I went to a run clinic given by our resident ultra-runner – my running coach as I called her back in September. She still is.

During the clinic, we didn’t run all that much, but we went through drills to help us with the pose method. The pose method is basically hitting mid-sole first when you run, instead of heel first. The theory in this is that man was made to run – we’re build to run, most likely from 250lbs snarling beasts who though we’d make a nice dinner, or us after said beasts for the same reasons. Hitting mid-sole is a more natural way of running, where ankle, knee and hips align. Less strain, less possibilities of injuries and a lesser impact on the whole leg than when you run heel first.

So, today, instead of gong to the box for a clean and jerk extravaganza, the Mrs and I decided to stretch our legs and put theory to pavement. The method on longer distances is new to me, as I only applied it to shorter, sprint-like distances like an 800m. It’s odd, and slow, and uncomfortable, but I was expecting it… learning and practicing and such. To make my lie easier, I downloaded Map My Run to keep distances and times. Having a new phone also helps with GPS signal and precision. We took it easy-ish for the first one, to see how things went. We did 3.59km in 23:12. I’d say it’s an ok time. My goal, though, is to do my 5k under 25 minutes. I’m a patient man, so I’vwe given myself the whole summer to achieve that goal. At the pace I had, it would’ve taken me some 32 minutes. My running coach did tell me I’m be slower, as I’m “relearning” how to run, so no worries.

Now I know where I’m starting from. Let’s improve on it.