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Pick you poison Friday has come around again, but matters are a little bit  complicated by the ankle. Many WODs require ankle mobility, and those that do not, I’ve done already.

A few days ago, I saw a tweet from Pat Sherwood, one of the Crossfit Games Show anchor, saying that the first time he did Diane, a dirty benchmark girl, it took him 15min, and then he spent months training for hand stand pushups, which brought his time down to some 5min. Diane does not require that much ankle mobility… so here we go.

For time: 21-15-9 of deadlift 225lbs and HSPU. It took me 12:57 to do it; I beat Pat Sherwood! Well, not really, mine was not Rx, as I couldn’t quite lock my elbows on every rep… lousy not-locking elbows! Still, my HSPU kip is progressing nicely and I’m  improving. Deadlift is ok at 225lbs – it’s a heavier work weight, but I can do my reps without burning myself out.

9 days until the Spartan Race, 8 days to heal the ankle.



My post is late, but I haven’t forgotten.. and my body is not letting me forget it either.

Last Friday, we again picked our poison. I went with Angie, another girl: 100 pull ups  100 push ups  100 sit ups and 100 squats for time. It’s quite a workout – all body weight  It took me 9 minutes for the pull ups  10 minutes for the push ups… longer than expected to be honest, I had to stop often so I wouldn’t completely smoke my shoulders and then by in deep troubles finishing. I’m not sure how long it took me for the sit ups  but again, longer than expected… I thought my abs were better than that! Last, I flew through the 100 squats – in about 2 minutes. I knew this would be the easy part. We’ve done so many squats I know mine are good and I can do a lot of them pretty quickly.

I finished in 29:54. In a few months, I’ll try it again and do better.

Also, today mark the 1 year mark since the Mrs and I joined crossfit. We’ve seen highs, lows and met great people. I’m happy with what I feel, how I improved and how I look, now. And obviously, that same goes for the Mrs! 🙂

Jackie 2

Pick your poison Friday is back – choice between this week’s WODs or the regional events. That’s right, the Regional WODs are out. Seven events filled with crazy stuff. Obviously, I chose one of those.

I thought about doing event 6 (http://games.crossfit.com/workouts/regionals), but myt shoulders didn’t feel quite right, so I went with something less demanding on them: Jackie. I did Jackie back in January, right before the paleo challenge. It’s pretty straight forward: 1000m row, 50 thrusters 45lbs and 30 pullups, for time. In January, I did it in 10:45Rx.

This time was even better – clear mind state again. My goal was to do it under 10 minutes, the time cap for the regionals. I did it in 9:14 Rx. I thought at some point I’d actually finish under 9min. And even better, I managed to do the butterfly kipping for the first 4 pullups. 🙂  Baby steps, like they say.


End benchmark 2

Poison Friday, but I had to do my second paleo challenge benchmark. Had to if I want to win.

My second benchmark was the classic dirty girl, Fran. After doing the Super Fran in the Open, I wasn’t really scared of it. Again, because of the healing shoulder in January, I did the WOD scaled, at 65lbs. Super Fran was 105lbs…

In January, I did it in 6:34. This time around, I crushed it, at 4:45. I shaved almost two minutes off my time!

Next time will be Rx, but will most likely take more time.

And even though it rains outside, I’m also very happy, and proud to say that I’m slowly getting my head wrapped around the mechanics behind the butterfly pullup. I can do two in a row, but not 3. I tried, and tried, and tried – before and after Fran, so muscle fatigue doesn’t quite play a big role in there – but I just can’t seem to string a third one in there. I’ll practice on my birthday resent from the Mrs, a pullup bar. 🙂


1 scoop (10g) Beyond Yourself AMRAP (BCAA) with 12oz water – during training, 1 scoop (30g) Beyond Yourself Whey ISO in 500ml water – after training

Helen 2

Ah, pick your poison Friday, where you have a degree of control on where you want to feel pain. I decided to go with yesterday’s actual WOD, Helen.

I did Helen a while back, 6 month ago to be exact. Helen is 3 rounds for time: 400m run, 21 KB swings 1.5 pood and 12 pullups. Last time, I did it in 14:23Rx. SO I figured I’d do it again to see if I’ve improved, or at least to push my limits. It went pretty well, actually. I did slow down in the third round, but my running’s still not too bad. I finished it in 13:07Rx this time

Beat my previous score by more than a minute! A nice way to start the weekend.


1 scoop (10g) Beyond Yourself AMRAP (BCAA) with 12oz water – during training, 1 scoop (30g) Beyond Yourself Whey ISO in 500ml water – after training


Another Pick your Poison Friday is upon us, and I was feeling uninspired. It happens. None of this week’s WOD peaked my interest, and I sure wasn’t going to do 13.2 two days in a row. Fortunately, I could do a benchmark (girl) WOD. I’ve done a few recently, over the last 3 months, and a lot of them are still out of my Rx range… and I felt like having an Rx! 😉

So after searching, pondering and thinking, I ended up doing Karen. This benchmark is hated my all, yet everybody’s got to do it at least once in their lifetime to experience first hand the sheer suckiness of it. The WOD’s very simple and straightforward: 150 wall ball shots, for time. That it. Men’s Rx is the 20lbs medecine ball, which must be thrown at a target 10 feet high after a full squat – every time.

I started pretty well with 22 consecutive shots. Then I tried to do them in sets of 10, then 5, then however many I could. It took me 10:42 to finish it. And yes, it sucked. Now it’s done, and hopefully I won’thave to do it again for a long time.

Kudos also to the Mrs, who did 13.2 tonight with 168 reps! Her shoulder strength is increasing by leaps and bounds, and it’s shows/pays off.


1 scoop (10g) Beyond Yourself AMRAP (BCAA) with 12oz water – during training, 1 scoop (30g) Beyond Yourself Whey ISO in 500ml water – after training


It’s Friday – pick your poison day – again. Tonight, I felt like doing a dirty girl, so I settled on one that would challenge my shoulders: Jackie.

It’s a fairly straightforward WOD: For time – 1000m row, 50 thrusters (45lbs) and 30 pull-ups. I admit I took a leisurely pace with the rowing, averaging 2:17 per 500m. I’m trying to focus on my technique more than brute pulling. The thrusters went pretty well; I did them in sets of about 10, with a dip in energy at the 20rep mark. I regrouped and plowed on. The pull-ups I’m really proud of. I did 10/8/6/6, keeping a good rhythm throughout. No aching of the shoulders, hands didn’t crack open or hurt much. Finished in 10:45 Rx. Something seems to have clicked inside me about the pull-ups. I seem to be able to crank them at will… well, maybe not at will but in decent amounts at a time. 🙂

Paleo day 5 and still holding strong; just more sluggish. Point of pride, though: I had a retirement dinner last night, at an Italian restaurant of all place. First hurdle of the challenge; pasta and cheese aplenty with a side of deli meats and sugar. I still pulled it off with the only item available to me on the menu: steak with mushrooms, and the waiter was friendly enough to switch the roasted potatoes with carrots. I didn’t feel pushed aside or feel weird ordering with my colleagues. Ok, it did suck a little not to order wine to drink with them. Now that I’ve conquered this challenge, the next big one will be in 2 weeks, when I hit the road for work.

I think what helped me yesterday was the mindset I took. First of all, I’m a former smoker, so I know about the frustration of not having something you crave. Second, instead of going to a place thinking “well, that’s it, I’m gonna cheat, I know it – no choice”, I’m thinking ” I’m not going to cheat unless I’m really backed in a corner, and even then”. I find it a more positive approach, don’t you?


1 scoop (10g) Beyond Yourself AMRAP (BCAA) with 12oz water – during training, 1 scoop (28g) Dymatize ISO100 whey powder in 400ml water – after training.